Our Work

The CapitolRiver Council advocates on behalf of District 17 residents, workers and property owners by identifying issues, engaging in conversations among people with different interests and perspectives, and making recommendations based on consensus.

We define an issue as a question or problem that the Saint Paul City Council (and / or Mayor, staff, appointed officials, etc.) could do something about, AND that CRC could engage stakeholders in discussions about that would lead to one or more recommendations being made.

CRC committees engage in discussions about issues at regular meetings.

Have a Project Idea for CapitolRiver Council?

This form gathers information about projects proposed and developed by the CRC and its members. ALL stakeholders are welcome to use this form. CRC has limited funds and resources and we are counting on people to be champions of their own ideas. 

These ideas are vetted by staff and added to the list of ideas below (please indicate in your application if you don't want your idea posted on our website). When there is room on the CRC schedule for a new WorkGroup, the CRC Board decides which project to become the focus of a new WorkGroup. The factors considered include timing, interest of leadership and participation, and any subsequent progress being made by the person who submitted the idea.

Potential Projects for 2024

Here are just a few ideas for projects that CRC could work on in 2024:


Submit a project idea to the CRC!

Date Project Public Realm Arts/Culture Organizational Other
--- Active Projects --- --- --- ---
4/20/2023 Sky Farm
10/7/2022 Strategic Planning Process
3/4/2021 Pedro Park Neighborhood Workgroup X      
11/9/2019 Downtown Development Strategy     X  
--- Project Ideas --- --- --- ---
10/8/2020 Community Center Downtown/Lowertown X X    
9/28/2020 Community Advocacy Training     X  
8/9/2020 Downtown Small Business Summit     X  
8/6/2020  Support the C/Arts    X    
2/27/2020 Skywalkers Program X     X
2/27/2020 Skyway Access Benchmarking X     X
11/12/2019 Downtown Residents Summit     X  
11/9/2019 Neighborhood Placemaking X X    
11/9/2019 Sidewalk Trees! X      
11/9/2019 CRC Fundraising Strategy     X  
10/10/2019 Citizen Emergency Response Team       X
8/23/2019 Cultural District Wayfinding
--- Frequent Topics --- --- --- ---
2/27/2020 Town Square Park X X   X
  Completed Projects --- --- --- ---
9/28/2020 Music In Pedro Park X  X    


Submit a project idea to the CRC!