History and Purpose

CapitolRiver Council — District 17 — is one of the 17 district councils for the City of Saint Paul. CRC is a private, 501(c)3 non-profit organization that exists to engage residents, business owners, workers and property owners in issues and projects that affect downtown Saint Paul and the Capitol area.

We achieve our mission by getting people involved in discussing local issues and plans — for example, by participating in committees, and by engaging people in discussions about the City’s Comprehensive Plan and District 17 Neighborhood Plans.

Through our contract with the City of Saint Paul, our specific duties include:

  • Leading and implementing high-quality planning and public policy activities to include diverse voices and a local perspective.
  • Improving livability and sustainability -- engaging the community in the concrete work of making District 17 neighborhoods better and more sustainable places to live, learn, work, and play.
  • Building connections within communities.
  • Intentionally creating space for people who currently are under-represented in government decision-making / Pursuing systemic work that reflects the needs and priorities of residents who have been historically marginalized.
  • Serving as a conduit of information between our neighborhood and the City Council, Mayor, and City departments.

We build and maintain professional working relationships with people throughout local government and in other local organizations, so that in addition to listening to your ideas, questions and concerns, we are working collaboratively with decision-makers to influence change.

We succeed when we engage ALL stakeholders/groups in our work:

  • Residents in different buildings, of different ages, with or without children, different ethnic backgrounds, and with different levels of income;
  • Employees in all types and sizes of organizations, in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors;
  • Building owners;
  • Business owners; and
  • Visitors.

Read more about CRC's history here

If you want to get involved, but our committee meetings are not convenient for you, please contact us, so that we can find a way to include your voice in our work:

Email CRC Executive Director Jon Fure at [email protected] or call 651-221-0488.


Please consider making a donation of any amount to support our work: Make a donation to CRC (via Mighty Cause)

Mailing Address:

370 Wabasha Street North, Suite 720
Saint Paul, MN 55102

Board and Staff

CapitolRiver Council Board

Term Expiring in 2024
  • Victoria Fritz
  • Jess Grams
  • Meredith Heneghan
  • Richard Johnson
  • Julie Printz
Term Expiring in 2025
  • Brett Bacon
  • Ed Coleman
  • Linda McBrayer
  • Josh Vang
  • 1 vacant seat
Appointed Members-2024-2025
  • Amanda Duerr, Saint Paul Area Chamber
  • Tina Gassman, BOMA
  • Alan Ostergaard, RADIAS Health
  • Erin Zolotukhin-Ridgway, Saint Paul Central Library
  • Chair - Jess Grams
  • Vice Chair - Josh Vang
  • Secretary - Julie Printz
  • Treasurer - Amanda Duerr
  • Internal Affairs Officer - Meredith Heneghan
  • External Affairs Officer - Rich Johnson


Agendas and Minutes

For Board Meeting agendas and minutes, click here.

District Council System

The Saint Paul City Council adopted the following definition of community participation in 1975: “(It) is a process, not a structure. The City has a responsibility to develop a process that will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to communicate with City government, and further that everyone is assured that they will be heard. This process cannot guarantee that there will always be agreement nor is it a substitution of one level of government for another or any other transfer of power.”

The district councils are designed to foster increased participation in government planning and decision-making within each neighborhood, to ensure a citywide communication network, and a point of contact for land-use issues. Equitable community engagement is the cornerstone of our work. We build connections within and between communities, play important roles in planning and public policy, and engage the community in work that makes the City and our neighborhoods a better and more sustainable place to live, learn, work and play.

Read more about the District Council system on the City of Saint Paul website.