CRC Community Advocacy Training

Project Proposal

CRC Logo As part of CRC's attempts to modernize its community engagement, it is essential to provide training to community members about the processes of CRC as well as existing city engagement opportunities and how decisions are made in our neighborhoods. A comprehensive orientation on community process needs to be established as a user friendly resource on the CRC website, and supplemented by hosting community participation courses through the library.

Board Sponsor

Shevek McKee, 9/28/2020


George Latimer Central Library?

How does this fit the CRC Mission?

Well developed community orientation materials will help close the opportunity gap in the community engagement process.

What are the first steps or goals to work on?

Find funding, develop training program specific to District 17 aimed at both basic and advanced community participation. Complete outline of orientation parameters (aka CRC Member 101).


Ongoing, but version one to be executed throughout 2021.

Other local organizations or government departments that may support this project?

Saint Paul Public Library

What community engagement will be involved?

Ongoing special meetings (Library courses), otherwise the work will be mostly research and development of online resources on the CRC website.

Project budget

$15,000-$25,000. Moderate staff time will likely be required.

Specific funding source plan?

A couple grants are being considered.

Additional resources needed?

CRC records on past projects. Someone to facilitate the courses.



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