Downtown Resident Summit

Project Proposal

Bring together downtown residents, specifically targeting HOAs and other Resident groups, to discuss downtown living and the community's strengths and weaknesses. The goal of the event is to provide value to downtown residents by showing them how they can connect to their city officials both directly and through CRC committees.

Board Sponsor

Shevek McKee, 11/12/2019



How does this fit the CRC Mission?

This event will directly connect CRC with a portion of its stakeholders and help develop what our "shared vision" looks like.

What actions have already been taken?

A D17 Housing Database has begun to take shape, to provide contact information for invites and determining what issues will be valuable to discuss at the event.

What are the next steps to take?

Complete Housing Database. Determine an event date and itinerary. Come up with an outreach timeline. Request HOAs and similar to announce a save the date and solicit topic ideas for the event.

What are the projects short term goals?

Increase awareness of CapitolRiver Council. Connect stakeholders with one another and city officials. Build connections across the District.

What are the projects long term goals?

If successful, this could be an annual event (or maybe every other year).


6-10 months to do it properly I think.

Other organizations being asked to support this project?

Councilmember Noecker, Parks & Rec, Public Works, DSI, Catholic Charities, other organizations (Depending on topics decided on)

What community engagement will be involved?

Discussion at regularly scheduled CRC meetings, Special Community Forum, Maybe a small workgroup

Project budget

$2,500 - $25,000

Specific funding source plan?

Local business sponsor would be great, a grant would be great, funding request at event would be nice too.

Additional resources needed?

An event space, fliers, programs, maybe some food depending on finding a budget.

Additional Info

D17 Housing Database on google drive. HOA Board contact might be enough to make this a private document?


Submit a project idea to the CRC!