Citizen Emergency Response Team Coordination

Project Idea

We have lots of residents in high-rise buildings, and it's unclear how emergency information is communicated. For example, what if there is a hazardous spill from a railroad accident? What if there is an unforeseen reason to evacuate? CRC already is charged with engaging the public ... maybe this could be a way to establish a program that essentially requires us to maintain contact with staff and / or resident volunteers in each downtown building.

Prepared by

Jon Fure (suggested by Crystal Meriwether), 10/10/2019


All Residential Buildings in D17

How does this fit the CRC Mission?

Key words "community building" and "safe neighborhoods" make this project align with the mission.

What are the first steps to take?

Include this in grant applications to find out if any foundations or government entities would consider donating money to CRC for this purpose. Depending on the goals of the donor organization, there could be a civic engagement component of this activity, or it could strictly be considered emergency response.


First need board buy-in, then it would depend on available funding to continue.

Other organizations that might support this project?

City of St Paul, State of MN and federal government all have an interest in emergency preparedness/response.

What community engagement do you think would be involved?

Mostly one-on-one correspondence with residential building managers.

Estimated project budget


Specific funding source idea?

US Dept of Homeland Security (?)

Additional Info

At minimum, CRC staff and Board Secretary should be aware of the updated email distribution list for all building managers, and CRC staff should mainly be responsible for any grant-related reporting requirements.


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