Fundraising Strategy Development

Project Proposal

Develop a practical and sustainable fundraising strategy for CRC beyond applying for grants. This will likely include the implementation of a Fundraising Committee or Taskforce. It is important that all effort put into this is considerate of board turn-over and proper record-keeping.

Board Sponsor

Shevek McKee, 11/9/2019



How does this fit the CRC Mission?

This project will help CRC to be a financially sustainable organization. Soliciting public and private donations from our stakeholders will ideally increase their investment in our continuing work (beyond the literal financial investment).

What actions have already been taken?

Brief brainstorming of businesses and organizations within D17 that could potentially donate money or services and compiling these in a spreadsheet.

What are the next steps to take?

Complete databasing information in the Fundraising spreadsheet. Develop a strategy to reach out to these businesses to build relationships and promote our mission and work. Draft different versions of donation requests. Draft versions of thank you letters.

What are the projects short term goals?

Begin to develop relationships with potential funding sources.

What are the projects long term goals?

Develop sustaining funding sources and good stewardship practices for CRC and make sure these processes are communicated to future generations of CRC board members.


Finalize database ASAP. I would set a goal of sending invitations to annual meeting to our new donor list. Be ready to make donation requests by Q3 2020.

Other organizations being asked to support this project?

Any business or individual could potentially support this project.

What community engagement will be involved?

Ongoing Special Meetings

Project budget

< $2,500

Specific funding source plan?

All of the above.

Additional resources needed?

It's probably worth double checking the regulations we need to follow to ask for funding. I idealize it as a lot of going around getting to know people.

Additional Info

CRC Funding Database (Accessible by authorized collaborators only. Some of the information that will be on this will surely be private and should be treated as such)


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