Skyway Access Benchmarking

Project Idea

The access (doors) to the skyway system downtown has rules that many people don't understand. Doors that look very inviting are often locked with understated signage describing hours or alternate routes. One of the impediments to moving anywhere near the direction of a solution seems to be the lack of a comprehensive list of these doors and what hours they can reasonably be expected to be open.

Prepared by

Shevek McKee, 2/27/2020


Buildings on the skyway system

How does this fit the CRC Mission?

The poor wayfinding and reliability of the skyways is a detriment to the vibrancy of downtown. People finding unexpectedly locked doors to what is advertised as a public amenity is jarring and leaves a poor impression.

What are the first steps to take?

Make a confident determination that this list doesn't already exist. (Ask BOMA, DSI, City)


Two months to create the list, if properly planned. Minimal ongoing to keep updated.

Other organizations that might support this project?

DSI, Downtown Alliance, BOMA are all strong possibilities.

What community engagement do you think would be involved?

Discussion at regularly scheduled CRC meetings

Estimated project budget


Specific funding source idea?

It's very possible this wouldn't cost anything but time. It's also possible that this could be part of the existing Wayfinding STAR grant CRC recently received in partnership with the Downtown Alliance.

Additional Info

Shevek has a nearly comprehensive list of buildings on the skyway and many building contacts if that's helpful to confirm information for this list.