Lowertown Senior Center

Project Idea

Downtown, and Lowertown specifically, is home to many retirees and senior citizens. Lack of social activity and loneliness is a serious issue for many seniors. This project would investigate potential and logistics needed to advocate for a Senior Community Center somewhere in the district.

Prepared by

Shevek McKee (at the request of Ann Idzik), 8/6/2020



How does this fit the CRC Mission?

Building community within one of the stakeholder groups in the district.

What are the first steps to take?

Look into other urban Senior Centers and understand how they work and who runs and manages them.

Estimated Schedule

A year.

Other organizations that might support this project?

Lowertown Future Fund, Knight Foundation, Cultural STAR Program

What community engagement do you think would be involved?

Online Survey/Petition, Special Community Forum, Ongoing Special Meetings

Estimated project budget

> $25,000

Specific funding source idea?

Not at this time.

Additional Info



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