Each year, 5 people are elected to 2-year terms on the CRC Board of Directors. Here are the candidates for the 2021 Annual Meeting:

Will Travis, District 17 resident

My wife and I have lived in Lowertown for approximately ten years. Our family can claim three generations currently living in the neighborhood, as we have two young children, and my mother also lives in the area. Together, we live, work and play in the area and experience the full spectrum of what downtown has to offer. In our various stages of life, we each experience downtown differently, from accessibility issues and finding appropriate rest areas outside of the home to enjoying the neighborhood's green spaces, local restaurants, and events outside of working hours. We chose downtown in large part for the ability to live a car-light lifestyle for almost all of our daily needs.

I am currently the treasurer for the CRC board, and I have been a member of the CRC Skyway Governance Advisory Committee since 2018. Prior to joining the CRC, I also served as the treasurer for the local chapter of a financial crimes investigators' association.

In our time living in the neighborhood, we have seen great changes in residential life and have welcomed many new neighbors to this gem of a community. I am excited to be part of the comeback story for downtown following the pandemic and am fully committed to fulfilling our vision to ensure downtown is a vibrant, welcoming community for all stakeholders in the years to come.

Judith Miller, District 17 resident

I am applying for appointment to the Capitol River Council board to contribute my time and energies to the Lowertown community. I am recently “double” retired (aka I have time to invest) and am seeking an active and meaningful role. I am passionate about my community including:

  • the need for deeply affordable housing for all members of our community
  • the right of persons with disabilities and those with aging and other mobility concerns to have full access to our community
  • the need for vibrant and pet friendly shared outdoor spaces
  • effective, timely communication to all Lowertown residents, sheltered and unsheltered, on matters that impact their enjoyment and quality of life
  • building a vital, diverse, and cross generational community

My current involvement related to the CRC includes:

  • involvement with Beacon, an interfaith housing collaborative, committed to creating affordable housing, sustaining stable homes, sheltering families and systems change including the Bring It Home Minnesota campaign and the Rent is Due Day of Action
  • I am a member of the Unity Unitarian Community Outreach Ministry Team Affordable Housing with links to Habitat to Humanity and Project Home

I am a resident homeowner in River Park Lofts in Lowertown and was a 30-year homeowner in St. Paul’s Como neighborhood. I worked for decades at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare located on the Regions campus directing rehabilitation services and program management. I have enjoyed all downtown St. Paul offers for so long. This is home.

My past professional and volunteer leadership activities include:

  • Professional experience as a speech language pathologist
  • Years of leadership of healthcare services across the continuum of care
  • Recent retirement employment in the Northwest Metro ISD 916 working with level IV middle and high school students with serious mental health and behavioral issues and autism
  • Participation in local, state and national task forces and advisory bodies including the Saint Paul Mayors Advisory Council for People with Disabilities, numerous DHS and DOH tasks forces focused on effective delivery of healthcare services to people with disabilities and chronic health conditions, the IPRC (International Pediatric Rehabilitation Directors board of directors) and the Courage Youth Sports Association.

Thank you for considering my application. I am happy to provide any additional information that would help you assess my candidacy.

Kathleen Blair, District 17 resident

I have lived downtown for 7 years and previously, I worked for the Minnesota Senate at the State Capitol for 35 years. Downtown Saint Paul is an important place for the entire state of Minnesota, and I'm anxious to do what I can to make it a vibrant, friendly, welcoming and beautiful city. I've attended church downtown for many years and I have served meals at the Dorothy Day Center. I'm concerned about the need for both housing and care for homeless people. I appreciate the beauty of Mears and Rice and Kellogg Parks. I plant a little garden in Pedro Park, and I would like to see that park expanded and taken care of. I've been a Minnesota Opera season ticket holder for 30 years and I understand the importance of cultural activities in the city. I'd like to see a reopening of the venues that had to close during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a downtown resident I understand the need for safety and I appreciate the police and community monitoring. I'd like to see more shopping availability and I hope that restaurants will continue to stay open (or reopen). I'm retired and have time to serve on the CapitolRiver Council and I'm excited to do what I can to keep Saint Paul alive and well.

Kathleen O'Neil, District 17 resident

I currently work full-time as an adult ESL instructor for the Southwest Metro Intermediate district located in Scott Country. In that capacity, I teach English language skill courses, citizenship classes and team-teach healthcare courses with Hennepin Technical College. I love my work guiding and instructing diverse students from around the world to improve their academic and career-oriented skills, build community connections, pursue post-secondary education opportunities and ultimately, find sustainable jobs. I also started a walking and more club with my students to promote fitness, build community and improve language skills and as a result, have partnered with Three Rivers Park District to organize our outdoor fitness activities and an annual community 5K walks in several of their parks. In Gdansk, Poland, I taught English as a Foreign language skills and American culture courses at Gdansk University for three year, which launched my adult ESL teaching career. Before I pursued teaching, I worked for many years as an urban planner for the City of Long Beach, California and then as a planning consultant for communities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. I enjoy living in St. Paul, the city I grew up in, and have been a resident of downtown for almost four years. I appreciate downtown's beauty- the lovely riverscape, well-designed small parks and mature trees. I love the mix of architecture, the aesthetically pleasing, older and newer buildings and the variety of residential, commercial and entertainment spaces. The diverse and creative residential community also makes living here wonderful. I would like to serve on the CRC board and contribute to CRC’s efforts to keep making St. Paul a vital, dynamic and safe place to live and work in and make it even better! In this post COVID time, I would like to see more diverse community engagement, awareness of equity issues, new community connections and active, innovative public spaces. So, I would like to serve on the Public Realm committee.

Alan Ostergaard

I work for Radias Health as a Street Outreach Practitioner for the Outside-In Program, connecting people experiencing unsheltered homelessness in and around Downtown Saint Paul to housing and other resources. I joined Radias Health in February 2018. I am currently a voting member of the CRC Skyway Governance Advisory Committee, and I serve as the Vice Chair of the Ramsey County Continuum of Care (CoC), which is our community's effort to prevent and end homelessness inside the geographic area of Ramsey County. Prior to 2018, I was with The YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities- Youth Intervention Services beginning June 2008. Immediately prior to leaving the YMCA to do outreach for the Outside-In project, I was the Program Manager for Outreach Services. Before becoming program manager in 2016 I did Street & School based outreach in Anoka, Hennepin and Ramsey counties. I partnered with many community partners through the StreetWorks Collaborative, as well as with McKinney-Vento Homeless Liaisons through many local school districts supporting students and families identified as experiencing homelessness.

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