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The arts are a vital part of downtown Saint Paul, and for that reason the CapitolRiver Council has established an Arts, Culture & Entertainment Committee to coordinate and oversee arts development and events in the neighborhood. This Committee will have responsibility for literary, creative, performing and visual arts in downtown Saint Paul, and in building relationships for CapitolRiver Council in these areas. The Arts committee will continue to make sure that downtown Saint Paul is a place that welcomes artists and arts projects. Arts Committee members will collaborate with the City of Saint Paul on public art policies, bridge connections with local artists and arts organizations, and advocate for artist-friendly neighborhoods downtown.

Upcoming ACE Events

For more information about the committee, please contact the CRC Executive Director

  • Chair: Ann Idzik, Vice Chair: Chris Beckstrom
  • Meetings: Fourth Tuesday of the month from 8 - 9:30 a.m.

Meeting Agendas and Notes

  • June 18, 2019 meeting agenda:
    • First order: Vote to Place Ann Idzick in a chair of the committee
    • Second order: New Business
      • ACE presents the CONNECTIONS GROUP -Meets July 16th 5:30 pm at Subtext bookstore- Conversation will be based on Storytelling
      • Activations for The Saint Paul winter Carnival- Brainstorm ideas
      • Tabitha Benci DeRango can give updates
        o Work with Art Schools
        o DSI
        o Buildings and Permissions/ liability
      • Downtown Development Plan- ACE implementations - How will this committee work towards these visions/ strategies?
  • August 18, 2019 meeting agenda:
    • Introductions, as a committee our task is to enhance the arts, culture and entertainment of downtown St Paul. As you introduce yourself, please briefly share any innovative ideas you have to enhance the arts. What voices are missing from this table?
    • Cultural Star Program - Purpose is to promote cultural vitality and economic growth particularly in the downtown cultural district by strengthening the arts and cultural community. Funds are intended to Build and diversify audiences, Promote a broad range of cultural offerings, Produce a long term impact, and Leverage additional financial support.
      • Strategies: The program will achieve the purpose by making grants and loans for projects and programs that: attract audiences; develop and improve cultural facilities and build capacity of artists and cultural organizations.
      • Capital Projects Program Descriptions: Purchase of permanently affixed equipment, lighting, sound equipment, curtains; Facility improvement to increase accessibility, or to expand performance or office space; Public art, permanently affixed.
      • Geographical focus must be physically located in the Cultural district.
      • Estimated funding in cultural district $450,000, minimum grant $5,000 Grants must be matched dollar for dollar.
      • Application dates August 23rd 4 p.m. 9 days away. Deadline for entering corrections is Sept. 6th.
      • Grants will be offered next year? Keep this STAR program in our long-term planning.
    • Future vision of our committee? Activities should focus on Diversity, Connections, provide opportunity to get to know others in St Paul, include a wide age span. Focus should also include collaboration.
    • Goal for future activity: As this is a committee that has been inactive for years, we have a great opportunity to shape it in innovative ways. In the next month, please spend some time considering our future plans. By the end our September meeting let us be strategic in our goals for the coming year. Let us schedule some work sessions so we can dig deeply into our community and identify needs.

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