Arts, Culture & Entertainment

The arts are a vital part of downtown Saint Paul and for that reason the CapitolRiver Council has established an Arts, Culture & Entertainment Committee to coordinate and oversee arts development and events in the neighborhood. This Committee will have responsibility for literary, creative, performing and visual arts in downtown Saint Paul, and in building relationships for CapitolRiver Council in these areas. The Arts committee will continue to make sure that downtown Saint Paul is a place that welcomes artists and arts projects. Arts Committee members will collaborate with the City of Saint Paul on public art policies, bridge connections with local artists and arts organizations, and advocate for artist-friendly neighborhoods downtown.

Upcoming ACE Events

For more information about the committee, please contact the CRC Executive Director

  • Chair: Ann Idzik, Vice Chair: Chris Beckstrom
  • Meetings: Fourth Tuesday of the month from 8 - 9:30 a.m.

Meeting Agendas and Notes

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