Please view the Calendar for schedules of the committee meetings. All CapitolRiver Council Committee Meetings are open to the public, so if you see a topic that interests you, please join us!

Arts, Culture, and Entertainment

The arts are a vital part of downtown Saint Paul and for that reason the CapitolRiver Council has established an Arts, Culture & Entertainment Committee to coordinate and oversee arts development and events in the neighborhood. This Committee will have responsibility for literary, creative, performing and visual arts in downtown Saint Paul, and in building relationships for CapitolRiverCouncil in these areas. The Arts Committee will continue to make sure that downtown Saint Paul is a place that welcomes artists and arts projects. Arts Committee members will collaborate with the City of Saint Paul on public art policies, bridge connections with local artists and arts organizations, and advocate for artist-friendly neighborhoods downtown.

  • Chair:  Ed Coleman

Development Review

Committee reviews downtown development projects to ensure benefit, sensitivity and compatibility with our downtown community and vitality. The Development Review Committee will monitor parking issues as they relate to development activities.

  • Chair: John Mannillo
  • Meetings:  Second Tuesday at 8:00 AM.


Monitors the big picture goals and long-term functioning of CapitolRiver Council by ensuring bylaw and legal compliance of all organizational activities and providing guidance and oversight for operations.

Marketing & Fundraising Team

Committee raises visibility of CapitolRiver Council and supports the work of committees. The Committee also assists with increasing the operational and service capacity of CapitolRiver Council by raising funds from multiple sources.

  • Chair: Kathi Gall
  • Meetings: Day to be determined @ 5:00 PM

Skyway Governance Advisory Committee

Committee strives to improve all things Skyway and review applications for variance to the skyway hours. Committee has 7 voting members, but all are welcome to participate in the discussions.

  • Chair: Andy Flamm
  • Meetings: Every other month on the fourth Friday at 9AM, and as needed.

Public Realm Committee

The vision statement from the Saint Paul Downtown Development Strategy developed in 2003 (7.0 Public Realm, Parks and Recreation) is helpful in describing our guiding purpose as a committee: “Downtown will have an enhanced public realm, parks and recreation system that is easily accessible, attractive and well maintained and that celebrates downtown’s history, physical setting and proximity to the Mississippi River. … A healthy urban ecology will contribute to downtown’s sense of place and improve its quality of life.”

  • Chair: Rev. Bill Englund
  • Meetings: Every month on the fourth Monday at 5PM at CRC offices.

Planning Committee

Committee reviews future plans for downtown improvements to ensure benefit, sensitivity and compatibility with our downtown community and vitality. The Planning Committee will monitor parking issues as they relate to future improvements in the community.

  • Chair: Paul Mandell
  • Meetings: As necessary

Other Volunteer Opportunities

These are the behind-the-scenes volunteers that keep CapitolRiver Council running smoothly. Help with project specific work, including events planning, office clean-up and staffing informational table at events. If you are interested in volunteering please contact our office for more information.