The CapitolRiver Council advocates on behalf of District 17 residents, workers and property owners by identifying issues, engaging in conversations among people with different interests and perspectives, and making recommendations based on consensus.

We define an issue as a question or problem that the Saint Paul City Council (and / or Mayor, staff, appointed officials, etc.) could do something about, AND that CRC could engage stakeholders in discussions about that would lead to one or more recommendations being made.

Each CRC committee regularly engages in discussions about issues. Here are some examples: 

  • Development Review Committee:
    • Should the City make changes to signage regulations?
  • Public Realm Committee:
    • Take the Downtown Park Survey to give your input on our parks.
    • Where are there opportunities to increase parkland and / or green space downtown?
  • Skyway Governance Advisory Committee:
    • What can be done to improve wayfinding and accessibility in the skyways?
    • Can the skyway use permit process be streamlined, to make it easier to coordinate activities in the skyways?

What are your issues? Please send feedback or questions to or attend a meeting or event.

CapitolRiver Council Project Management Form

CapitolRiver Council is developing a new system to keep track of the work we support in a more transparent way. CRC has limited funds and resources and we are counting on people to be champions of their own ideas if they expect to realistically make any progress. You'll find that this form does expect you to have done some before submitting your idea. If you're finding the Project Management form intimidating please feel free to fill out our much less intensive Questions & Comments Form and we can see if we can help you get started.

This form will gather information about projects proposed and developed by the CRC and its members. ALL stakeholders are welcome to use this form (Project Proposals require you to list a board sponsor).

This form is new and we welcome any and all feedback.