We Value Engagement

Here at the CapitolRiver Council we believe in the investment into the people that make our city the place that it is, and we value input from all stakeholders. As part of this endeavor to do more in the way of bringing voices together  and uplifting their messages, we have hired Tabitha Benci DeRango to formulate engagement planning and implement a series of “IN THE COMMUNITY” activities. We look forward to sharing these with you in the days to come. Stay tuned…….


Proposed skyway system changes — let the City Council know what you think

The City Council is considering changing ordinances that would:

  • change skyway system hours (to close at midnight instead of 2 a.m.),
  • set standards for buildings to employ private security staff and to have surveillance cameras,
  • increase the types of activities that are prohibited in the Code of Conduct, and
  • eliminate the requirement that police issue warnings before enforcing the Code of Conduct.

How would the following changes affect you?

Please let the City Council know by emailing Contact-Council@ci.stpaul.mn.us

Proposed changes to the Skyway Code of Conduct

  • The police will no longer be required to issue a warning prior to taking enforcement action for violations of the Code of Conduct.
  • Additional language will clarify prohibited conduct, including prohibitions on
    o Fighting
    o Smoking
    o Urinating or defecating
    o Laying on floors, stairs or fixtures.
    o Propping open or damaging locks or security systems
    o Playing devices or instruments above the level of conversations speech, unless permitted by DSI

Proposed changes for Skyway Security

  • Skyway closing hours will be changed from 2am to 12am
  • Building owners will be required to lock all skyway orders during non-operating skyway hours, unless physical monitored
  • “Security personnel” means individuals employed who are appropriately trained to conduct the security activities of observe and report, advise users of the skyway of the pertinent laws and rules, and who will patrol all spaces of the skyway hourly, unless another standard is approved by the Saint Paul Police Department
  • Skyway building owners shall provide video surveillance or security personnel for the portions of the pedestrian skyway system contained in his or her building
  • Video surveillance shall be monitored by security personnel during all skyway system operating hours
  • Placement of cameras shall be reviewed for compliance with standards of the Saint Paul Police Department