Welcome the newest CRC Boardmembers


On June 17th we had our annual meeting and as happens every year, 11 seats on our Board of Directors were up for election.  The following people were elected (or re-elected) by our general membership to serve on the CRC Board of Directors:

Karen Brennan, Ed Coleman, Bill Englund, Sandra Erickson, Tom Erickson, Bill Hosko, Edith Jeske, Vivian Martinson, Virginia Nienow, Charles Woodbury, and Joann Zaccardi.

Welcome to you all!

If you know one of these folks, congratulate them, bend their ear with your input, or use them as a conduit to get more involved with CRC.

Also, please let the following businesses and organizations know that you thank them for supporting the CRC by supporting them in return: Bedlam Theatre, Cedar Printing, BOMA St. Paul, McNally Smith, Black Dog Cafe, Unity One Credit Union, District Energy, St. Paul Media, Centennial Showboat, the St. Paul Saints, the Minnesota Museum of American Art,  and the YMCA.