Get Involved


CapitolRiver Council’s success depends upon the participation of people like you. Help the downtown community thrive: take action and get involved! Here are five easy ways:

1) Subscribe to CapitolRiver Council’s weekly E-newsletter

Our weekly e-newsletter includes links to news articles about our neighborhood and ¬†invitations to upcoming events and meetings. If you don’t receive the newsletter already, sign up today!

2) Volunteer for CapitolRiver Council

CapitolRiver Council administers the Saint Paul Street Team — join us in helping to create a more welcoming, vibrant and safe atmosphere in Downtown and Lowertown for residents, workers and visitors. Contact us if you are interested!

3) Join a Committee or Task Force

CapitolRiver Council has several committees and task forces that work on issues facing our community. Anyone who lives, works, or owns property downtown can join! Peruse the list of committees to find one that interests you and come to its next meeting!

4) Become a Building Captain

Help spread the word about community events and meetings by posting flyers in your building or forwarding email invitations to everyone in your office or residential building! Captains also act as CapitolRiver Council’s primary contact for downtown buildings, should we want to get input from you and your neighbors about an issue that will specifically affect you. Sign up today!

5) Connect with us on Facebook & Twitter

Connect with us on social media to stay up to date on what’s going on in your downtown community. This is a great way to get up to the minute news on important news, special offers, and reminders about our many community meetings.